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As you can see, the Wapanucka Public School web site has changed!  We have been working internally for the past few months to redesign the web site, and we will be making additions over the course of the next several weeks and months.  The site will continue to evolve and keep you up to date on important school activities and information.  One of the reasons we chose the SOCS network was because the site itself is very dynamic; in other words, it has the ability to change... a lot!  While the site won't be a daily newspaper, by any means, it is certainly our goal to keep the content fresh and exciting in an . . . read more

Head Start Pre-Enrollment

      Wapanucka 3yr Old & 4yr old INCA Head Start Pre-enrollment 2015-2016 Space is Limited Enrollment Info So Enroll Early! read more

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  You may have noticed these "talking heads" appear on some articles.  Do you know why they are there?  When you see them, it means you are invited to give feedback on that article.  We don't ask for feedback on every article so, when you see it, know that we are truly seeking your input. PLEASE take advantage of the opportunity. How does it work?   When you see the "talking heads", go to the end of the article and click on "Post your feedback on this topic here" Complete the screen and . . . read more Feedback


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